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Adó 1%


Offering 1% tax to treat injured children with dogs

TAX NUMBER: 18215807-1-06

Every day, our Foundation is committed to helping to integrate disadvantaged groups into society, and to give financially disadvantaged families and the elderly something to put on the table.

Help us with 1% of your taxes, as everyone deserves to be cared for!

Why should you support our foundation?

The activities for which we use your support are:

Social sensitisation – We provide society with information about the lives of disadvantaged people with disabilities so that they can integrate without discrimination whatsoever. After all, “All men are equal, individual and precious.”

Dog therapy sessions – Children are developed according to their age and abilities, with playful, moving tasks and with the involvement of therapy dogs.

Organisation and conduct of educational and developmental activities – Therapeutic sessions for educational purposes, children’s camps, self-improvement group sessions (e.g. self-confidence development)

We distribute donations – We support families in need with tangible donations.

We distribute hot food – at least once a year we organize the distribution of hundreds of hot dishes.

We are renovating playgrounds – In order to bring increasingly distinct social groups closer together, we have acted together in the field of action.


How can I provide for 1% of the tax?

This year it is also possible to provide for 1+1% of your personal income tax paid on the consolidated tax base. You can do this no later than 20 May 2020, regardless of the tax return. If you do not provide for this, the State will decide for itself what foundation to use 1% of your taxes. Please get to know our foundation and decide which foundation you want to help with your work!

As an individual, you can also choose to donate 1% of your personal income tax paid to a registered NGO and a further 1% to a religious community with a technical number orto the priority budget appropriation (the National Talent Programme in 2020).
You can donate 1% of your taxes as follows.


  • via the online fill-in on the e-SZJA web interface or
    • with the help of the ÁNYK framework programme, together with the declaration, filling in or separately from the ESF form by filling in form 20EGYSZA


On paper, by post or
in a sealed envelope, nav

  • together with the personal income tax return, filling in the ESF form, • on the declaration form prepared and printed using the
    filling program on the e-SZJA interface,• on form
    20EGYSZA or on a declaration sheet matching its data content,• if the employer undertakes to
    collect the declarations, the employer must submit the declarations in a sealed envelope by 10 May 2020 (The envelope must bear the signature of the offeror at the place of affixing).
    • If the declarations are to be submitted by an ad hoc agent, the agent must attach to the declaration his authorisation granted by the individual to submit the declaration.


However, in favour of civilian beneficiaries and the priority budget appropriation, it is still necessary to declare annually, as these pledges can only be taken into account once by the NAV in the year of provision.

On the declaration of 1+1% of the SZJA, nav may decide to communicate its name and contact details to the designated civilian beneficiary. The consent to data processing and the indication of the data on the operative declaration are voluntary and are not a condition of the valid provision.

From January next year, you can see on the NAV website whether the beneficiary you have designated this year has benefited from the 1% amount offered. If you have electronic storage, you will be informed electronically of the amount offered.

1 Religious community under Section 7 of Act CCVI of 2011 on the right to freedom of conscience and religion and on the status of churches, religious denominations and religious communities: religious association, registered church, registered church and established church

. (forrás: https://www.nav.gov.hu/nav/szja1_1/tajekoztatok/Hogyan_rendelkezhet_a20200106.html?query=1-sz%C3%A1zal%C3%A9k )